Hamman was considered the Pharaohs minister for a long time Only few years ago, they discovered some papyrus in Hieroglyphic stating that he was responsible for buildings temples (Say the Chief Engineer)

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Mystery of the Pyramids in the Qur'an
28:38 Pharoah said: "O Chiefs! You have no other god that I know of, except myself. O Haman! Bake for me bricks from clay and build me a high tower so that I may climb it to see the God of Moses; most surely I think him to be one of the liars."
Hamman was considered the Pharaohs minister for a long time
Only few years ago, they discovered some papyrus in Hieroglyphic stating that he was responsible for buildings temples (Say the Chief Engineer)
"And Pharaoh said: 'O my people! Enlarger, I do not know God for you but me. So Haman Hai burn me over the clay and build me a high that I could climb up to the God of Moses, and I am absolutely convinced that he including people liars. " (Al-Qasas: 38)

This verse shows the secret of the construction technology used for high buildings as a monument it says "build me a high." This technique is based on the mud and heat as in the verse: "O Haman Then bake the clay for me!"

There is evidence to suggest that the giant statues and pillars found in Romania and the other civilizations also built out of clay! It can be said: that the wonders of the Qur'an shows how to construct buildings out of clay and it is not known at the time of decline in the Qur'an to modern times.

Who told the Prophet about this news?
The Quran is the first book that reveals the secrets of pyramid building, not the American and French scientists. The question is:We know that the Prophet did not go to Egypt and never seeing the pyramids, maybe even never heard of him. 

The story of Pharaoh, occurred before the time of the Prophet thousands of years ago, and no one on earth at that time who knew about the secrets of the pyramids. Before this, scientists are not sure that Pharaoh using clay and high heat to build monuments except for a few years.

How Prophet before 1400 years ago tells us that Pharaoh enggunakan clay and heat to build monument ...This verse is very clear and strong proof that the prophet Muhammad does not take anything from him but the God who created and drowned Pharaoh, and he also saved the Prophet Moses ... And He also told His prophet to the scientific nature of this, and this verse to witness the truth of his prophecy in modern times! Subhanallah! Take a lesson, O men of understanding.

For centuries, Egyptologists and geologists thought that the Egyptian pyramids were made of limestone blocks (up to 70 tons) that were quarried by chiseling limestone.

Workers then carried those blocks up the pyramids on ramps. This building procedure was thought to be so superhuman that it made the pyramids become one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

However today electron microscopes revealed that the blocks at the top have chemistries found nowhere in nature. Those blocks at the top must have been baked and then cast like modern cement (not chiseled from existing limestone) 
However 1400 years ago the Quran said that Pharaoh used baked clay (like modern cement; not chiseled limestone) to build their high rises:

[Quran 28.38] And Pharaoh said to his people: "I have not known a god for you other than myself; so Haman, light me a fire to bake clay so that I could build a rise high enough, maybe I see Moses' god whom I think is a liar."
(The circumference of the circle is πD. So if the diameter is 10 units then the circumference should be 31.4 units. However in describing the temple the Christian Bible erroneously claims that the circumference is 30 units, making π = 3

(1 Kings 7:23))

 1 Kings 7:23King James Version (KJV)

23 And he made a molten sea, ten cubits from the one brim to the other: it was round all about, and his height was five cubits: and a line of thirty cubits did compass it round about.
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